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The seven rooms Room 1: Matriarchal Cultures 40.000 - 3000 BC   Room 2: Women in the encounter of cultures 3000 BC - 1350 BC   Room 3: Women's Pathways towards Modernity 1350 - 1550   Room 4: Women's Movements in Europe 1550 - 1850   Room 5: Gender Democracy in Germany 1850 -1938   Room 6: Women's politics and fascism 1938 - 1958   Room 7: Female visions and concepts of the One World
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Getting Involved
If you wish to support the ANNETTE KUHN FOUNDATION, we would welcome
  • Your voluntary work. More information upon request.

  • Your donation or charitable contribution by money transfer to account no. 120 2373 at Deutsche Bank BLZ 380 700 59. These contributions are tax deductable and support the Foundation's operating budget. Contact us - we look forward to providing you with further information.

  • Your membership in the Friends' association "Building blocks for women's history". Through regular membership fees this association enables the long-term financial planning that makes our work possible. Please fill in the Membership form and send it to the address given on the form.
Through voluntary contributions, donations, or membership in the association you will join the circle of Builders.
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