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the seven rooms Room 1: Matriarchal Cultures 40.000 - 3000 BC   Room 2: Women in the encounter of cultures 3000 BC - 1350 BC   Room 3: Women's Pathways towards Modernity 1350 - 1550   Room 4: Women's Movements in Europe 1550 - 1850   Room 5: Gender Democracy in Germany 1850 -1938   Room 6: Women's politics and fascism 1938 - 1958   Room 7: Female visions and concepts of the One World
Room 7
  Seven TimeSpaces, or rooms, are linked in a spiral movement. In this movement past, present, and future circulate. In the spiral of time the genesis, historical impact, and changes of a matriarchal pattern become visible. In each of the TimeSpaces particular historical and symbolical aspects of the pattern emerge. For each TimeSpace, and in each room, this historical occurrence is illustrated through the leifmotif of a woman's quotation, a specially designed pictogram, and a guiding image.  
Room 7: Female visions and concepts of the One World

The seventh TimeSpace, and room, focuses on the present and recounts the female visions that are expressed in women's initiatives worldwide. These concepts are conclusions drawn from what has been experienced and remembered. They are in a tradition of female thought and action throughout all historical TimeSpaces and today, too, constitute the unrealized potential for the future of the One gender-democratic World.

The circle symbolizes an all encompassing trust in a future of worldwide gender justice. Like a mirror the circle also represents self-reflection as the precondition of historical research and political action.

Despite all pain and violation the life and work of Friday Kahlo nonetheless expresses her trust in the humanity of humankind.

Frida Kahlo's self portrait Tree of Hope Stay Strong is from 1946.
See Kuhn, Annette: Historia. Frauengeschichte in der Spirale der Zeit. [Women's history in the spiral of time] Opladen & Farmington Hills 2010 (= Schriften aus dem Haus der FrauenGeschichte; Bd. 4), S. 289-318 [Publications from the House of Women's History, Vol. 4, pp. 289-318]

See Spirale der Zeit. Frauengeschichte sichtbar machen. Heft 7: Weibliche Visionen und Konzepte der Einen Welt. Hrsg. v. Annette Kuhn, Marianne Hochgeschurz, Monika Hinterberger und Silke Dombrowsky. Erscheint im Frühjahr 2010. [Spiral of time. Making women's history visible. Issue 7: Female visions and concepts of the One World.] Edited by Annette Kuhn, Marianne Hochgeschurz, Monika Hinterberger and Silke Dombrowsky. Spring 2010.
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