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The seven rooms Room 1: Matriarchal Cultures 40.000 - 3000 BC   Room 2: Women in the encounter of cultures 3000 BC - 1350 BC   Room 3: Women's Pathways towards Modernity 1350 - 1550   Room 4: Women's Movements in Europe 1550 - 1850   Room 5: Gender Democracy in Germany 1850 -1938   Room 6: Women's politics and fascism 1938 - 1958   Room 7: Female visions and concepts of the One World
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Since December 2008 the ANNETTE KUHN FOUNDATION has been an independent and legally recognized entity in the regional jurisdiction of Cologne. Based on its by-laws the foundation pursues exclusively charitable purposes.

These include:
  • To promote scholarship, research and education in the field of women's history,

  • To make visible the historical achievements of women in family, society and the state across different cultures,

  • To realize women's equality within a democratic understanding of politics, law, private business, public administration, work and family,

  • To create a gender democratic awareness within youth education and continuing adult education,

  • To further highlight in scientifically appropriate and dignified ways the significance of women in different cultures, and to reduce gender-specific tensions and inequalities, in particular within education,

  • To contribute to communication and reconciliation with other cultures, in particular Jewish culture, by focusing on the specific influences and contributions of women throughout history.
Towards the pragmatic realization of the foundation's goals we are working on the construction of a real, physical House of Women's History. By means of seven historical rooms it will bring to life in the present the visions and achievements of women throughout history.
  Christine de Pizan
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