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the seven rooms Room 1: Matriarchal Cultures 40.000 - 3000 BC   Room 2: Women in the encounter of cultures 3000 BC - 1350 BC   Room 3: Women's Pathways towards Modernity 1350 - 1550   Room 4: Women's Movements in Europe 1550 - 1850   Room 5: Gender Democracy in Germany 1850 -1938   Room 6: Women's politics and fascism 1938 - 1958   Room 7: Female visions and concepts of the One World
Room 3
  Seven TimeSpaces, or rooms, are linked in a spiral movement. In this movement past, present, and future circulate. In the spiral of time the genesis, historical impact, and changes of a matriarchal pattern become visible. In each of the TimeSpaces particular historical and symbolical aspects of the pattern emerge. For each TimeSpace, and in each room, this historical occurrence is illustrated through the leifmotif of a woman's quotation, a specially designed pictogram, and a guiding image.  
Mary Magdalene with the vessel of ointment

The third TimeSpace, and room, recounts the freedom and self-awareness of the Christian woman in the Middle Ages. She is the avant-garde of modernity.

,As a matriarchal symbol, the vessel, indispensable in daily life, stands for the fullness of life and for containing and preserving what is good.

As apostola apostolorum Mary Magdalene with the vessel of ointment represents the everyday exchange relations, in which ‚due proportion' formed the basis of societal interactions.

The painted wood sculpture from the 15th century is in the German Apothecary Museum in Heidelberg.
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